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Acknowledging those who enhance the well-being of families in Craighead county. This category celebrates individuals, companies, or organizations that have taken steps to address child hunger, promote positive youth development, foster mental well-being, and support the elderly. Nominees might have organized events such as parenting workshops, mental health support groups, youth mentorship programs, or senior citizen wellness initiatives to uplift and empower local families.

Recognizing efforts that contribute to the economic growth and financial stability of our community. This category celebrates those who have implemented programs, events, or initiatives to help residents develop financial literacy, access job opportunities, start or expand businesses, and promote community-wide economic development. Nominees may have organized job fairs, financial education workshops, entrepreneurship incubators, or initiatives that enhance local economic resilience.

Highlighting individuals, companies, and organizations that make strides in environmental conservation and sustainability. Nominees in this category have implemented efforts, events, or programs aimed at reducing environmental impact, conserving natural resources, promoting recycling and renewable energy, and enhancing the overall environmental quality of Craighead county. Examples of initiatives include community clean-up events, educational programs on sustainable practices, wildlife conservation projects, and pollution reduction initiatives.

Celebrating those who champion social justice, equity, and inclusion for all members of the community. This category recognizes individuals, companies, or organizations that have worked to address issues related to racial, gender, or socioeconomic disparities, as well as promoting community unity and understanding. Nominees might have organized rallies, workshops on diversity and inclusion, campaigns to combat discrimination, or educational initiatives to raise awareness about social justice issues in Craighead county.

Showcasing excellence in community service, cultural preservation, and local development. This category acknowledges nominees who have implemented various initiatives to foster a sense of pride, community engagement, and collaboration among residents. Recognized efforts may include cultural festivals, historical preservation projects, local business support programs, and initiatives aimed at improving the overall quality of life in Craighead county.


Award Nominees

Once per day you can cast your vote for your favorite PEARLS Ball nominee in each category! Learn more about their outstanding contributions and why their nominator believes they're truly deserving below. Every vote counts, so let's shine a spotlight on those serving our local community!

Empower our Family Nominees


Candace Evans

Candace mentors and develops all young ladies at every stage of life. She is an integral part in Pretty Proverbs and Sister 2 Sister on the campus of Astate. She is the youth leader at her church(Impact). She works to encourage and motivate the young people of the church to reach their full potential.
She has four babies that she pours into daily to make sure that they are the best human beings possible.
She leads with compassion, honesty, and integrity. She makes sure that whomever she encounters have the necessary tools to reach their full potential."
Build Our Ec Noms


Al Moore

Al Moore of Al Moore Financial takes his client relationships beyond wealth management, investments, and retirement needs. Al finds ways to help clients in their desire to achieve their personal and family goals. Al works hard to protect the resources needed to withstand the length of life so that his clients can focus on the width of life.

From a young age, service and philanthropy has been has been a part of Al's life. Having a military veteran father and a mother devoted to their local church helped instill a sense of community and responsibility in Al's early years. After losing his mother at 18 and experiencing the financial whirlwind that came along with the untimely passing of a parent, the spark to serve others by preparing them for pivotal financial moments in life was lit. He has carried that torch with him for over a decade, dedicating himself to leaving people better off than how he found them.

In a manner to help our clients in their desire to reach their financial goals, we use our experience and knowledge in conjunction with the following services to develop a strategy for your success.

· Equities
· Fixed Income
· Exchange Traded Funds
· Mutual Funds

Wealth Management
· Small Business Retirement Planning
· Investment Analysis & Management
· Retirement Income Planning
· Estate Planning & Wealth Transfer Strategies
· Education Savings & Custodial/UTMA Accounts

I nominate Al Moore of Al Moore Financial for Build Our Economic Wealth - Fostering Economic Prosperity award."

Enhance Our Env Noms


Health & Wellness & Environmental Studies

"HWES is one of the Jonesboro Magnet Schools. Their curriculum centers around health, wellness, and environmental studies. The school campus offers three separate outdoor classroom learning environments that include 3 greenhouses, 20 raised garden beds, an outdoor kitchen area, and a pavilion covered patio with classroom seating. Teachers use these areas to enhance learning that takes place in the classroom.  

All grades attend STEM Lab (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) during their weekly rotation schedule. 

HWES has a student kitchen lab setting which is called the Nutrition Lab. Teachers have this setting to do activities to enhance their curriculum. The students love tasting lessons in the Nutrition Lab.

HWES promotes education on living a sustainable life through teaching students, our future leaders, how to garden, recycle, and prepare healthy nutritious meals."

"Teaching children how to grow their own veggies and be sustainable"
Advocate Noms


Judge David Boling & Judge Tommy Fowler

"Judge David Boling and Judge Tommy Fowler began the amnesty program after taking office in 2017. At that time, there were 50,000 outstanding warrants in the Craighead County. When the first amnesty program was held, 6,000 people had warrants quashed by the judges. This program has helped people get back on track. People have also received reinstatement letters for their driver’s licenses. At least once a year, the court holds "Amnesty Days" wherein the court will focus on granting some type of amnesty to individuals who are having issues with the court. Past amnesty days have focused on fines, fees, costs, public service work, failure to appear and probation violations. Each year the court attempts to focus on a different issue to address different needs of the community and individuals in the court system."
Uplift Our Comm Noms


Crowleys Ridge Development Council

"CRDC is a community action agency serving Northeast Arkansas. It is designed to create opportunities for disadvantaged individuals and families with the goal of providing bridges out of property. CRDC offers several services and programs to the community such utility assistance, weatherization, NEAT transportation, just to name a few. Their mission is helping people...changing lives." 
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